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What is SOSEI?

Innovative Three-Layered Roof

“SOSEI” solution was originated in 2006 by Toyokoh Inc. The word “SOSEI” is a Japanese word meaning “invigorate” or “revive”. 

SOSEI is a repairing, renovating, and strengthening solution for the roof of the buildings.

The patented “seamless 3 layered-system” is to spray 3 layers on the top of the building such as roof, deck, wall, hook bolts, or any surfaces to enduringly get rid of any roof problems like water leakage, heat, noise, and deterioration.

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“SOSEI” Preparation

  • Inspect your roof and identify the spots that need to be fixed.
  • Clean up dust and seal the holes by a watertight adhesive.
  • Remove top of the hook bolts on the roof surface.
  • If the surface is metal sheet, tape must be adhered on the roof joints to prevent stretching or shrink when they are exposed to the heat.

1st Layer: Insulation Layer

The first layer functions as a heat insulation that can be adhered to any roof surfaces. It has only 5-30 mm. of thickness and will not add any burdens to the existing building structure.

This type of insulation will be sprayed on the top of the building’s surface, not like most insulation methods on the market that are sprayed at the bottom of the surface, preventing the insulation materials from falling down and harming workers’ health.


2nd Layer: Waterproof Layer

This layer is guaranteed 100% waterproofing capacity. With 300% elongation, surfaces that are covered will be strengthened and able to withhold any climatic fluctuations such as strong wind and natural disaster.

SOSEI special coat is also well-formed just a couple minutes after installing.


3rd Layer: Color Layer

This layer prevents the roof from UV and deterioration, strengthening the surface, and reflecting heat.

The material substance we use does not contain any solution that causes disturbing smell or harm the workers’ health. The color of this layer can be tailored according to the user’s preferences. 


Cost saving

SOSEI provides you a “better than new” roof since it not only prevents your roof from future problems but also strengthens and extends your roof lifetime at 40% less expensive compared to metal sheet roofing methods.

No more repeatable water leak

With a three-layered spraying method, your roof will be perfectly seamless and 100% waterproofed.

Reduces heat

SOSEI helps you reduce up to 15°C under the roof and up to 8°C at room temperature causing the well-being for the workers and the building residents.

Saves energy

With a high decrease in temperature, it saves energy of the building as well as lowers cooling costs at 40% per month.

Reduces disturbing noise

Our 1-inch-thick SOSEI solution functions as an absorption that reduces noise problems and vibration by 80% when rain drops on the steel roof.

Saves time

Toyokoh crews install up to 150 square meter per day without downtime or disturbing the production line.


SOSEI does not release any chemical compounds that destroy the earth’s atmosphere as well as prevents workers’ health from falling down on the roof asbestos.

Stand all weather conditions

With its 300% elongation, SOSEI does not experience the same breakdown that metal sheet or tile roofing do when it comes to natural disasters. It can also withstand any weather conditions such as strong rain or sunlight.

Applicable to any surfaces

The three-layered seamless roofing system allows SOSEI to be installed in “any surfaces” such as metal sheet, concrete, tiles, roof decks, and etc.

10-year guarantee

We assure you a 10-year guarantee of waterproofing with a constant check up by our specialists every 2-3 year.

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